We help you TRANSFORM lives!


We help you transform your classroom! Our consultants go beyond theory and train your teachers how to practically apply proven high-yield strategies in their classes for immediate student growth. Move your students with us!

Quality Training that Transforms Lives


Learning is a lifelong process. As educators, we need to grow with our changing students to provide them with the best learning opportunities. Keeping up with trends in education will keep you on the cutting edge of your career! 


Push Smarter Educational Solutions designs its services with professional educators in mind. We focus on providing teachers with fun, practical, hands-on experiences that can be implemented the very next day and will lead to student growth. No matter where you are in your career, Push Smarter has something for you. Tired of boring PD? Done with the "sit-and-get" model of learning? Let us help! We can move your students onward and upward! So, don't suffer from burnout by pushing harder to meet your school's goals...PUSH SMARTER!


Are you tired of pushing harder to meet  your goals?

Push Smarter


We help you move your school! From after-school meetings to full day professional development training, our award-winning consultants will equip your administrative staff with the tools to train teachers. 


We help you involve your families and community! While no school is alike, successful schools need strong community involvement to thrive. Our consultants will assist you with involving all educational stakeholders for your school's success!


Professional Development